[UE4] Krasue’s development thread (WIPs/Discussion)

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It’s always great to see professionals trying their hand at going solo and creating an adult game, I hope you will be able to make something of a higher quality than the amateur developers that make up the majority of the scene. With that said, I’ll try and give some unbiased answers to the questions you have asked.

Doom Parody – This would be a pretty fun idea and you have the template for both gameplay and implementation of the sexual aspect. I think it’s important to have a solid idea of how your game will be both a fun game and a good erotic experience, adult games often fail at one or even both of these aspects. Only issue with this idea is that you would need to be able to pull off fun FPS gameplay and it would require you to design a multitude of female enemies with various sex finisher animations so that it wouldn’t become repetitive. Also, people may be put off by the nature of a game where you are both killing and fucking the women, even if they are demons/monsters.

SH/RE Style – This is also a good idea, but I feel like it would be hard to make as a solo developer as it would require a fair amount of environmental work to get the right atmosphere. Game over rape can be annoying, as it “rewards” you for losing rather than winning, but it can work if done right.

Zako/Henchwomen – What style of game would this actually be? My only issue is this is a little obscure in terms of fetishes so it would need to be a really impressive game to become popular, but if you are passionate about it then that might improve your work.

Monster Girls – There are a lot of these, but it does sound like you want to make something different. I would say that there is a reason most of these games are “cutesy”, it has wider appeal, if you want to go more “horror” with it then you may find a much smaller audience.

As for the graphical style:

Realism – Forget it. You can not do this solo, or even with a small team. Realism almost always looks bad unless you get it exactly right. Way too much effort.

Low Poly – You are right that it would be quick, you are also right that it would be a hard sell. This could be done successfully, but it would depend on how skilled you are at low poly art and just how low poly you go.

Stylised – There is no doubt in my mind that this is the way to go. Look at how much pornography exists of the Overwatch franchise, that is the style that any 3D adult game dev should be chasing right now, if they are able. I would also say that if you look at the highest earning Real-time 3D adult games, they tend to use something akin to this style. Wildlife, Monster Girl Island and Mahou Arms come to mind, if you haven’t heard of those then look them up for some idea of graphical styles.

I hope my feedback is useful to you.

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