vagonumero13 tools (REDELBE, rdbtool, g1mtools, doa6decsave) Update 18 April: REDELBE 0.4: new costume/hairs functionality

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I’ve updated g1mtools to version 0,5


– g1m_export now has the option to export a vgmap file to be used with @ausgeek blender scripts.

To export vgmaps, use the .bat file “g1m_export_with_vgmap.bat”, instead of the exe. (Note: the bat will also export the vb/ib).

– g1m_import will import a .vgmap, if it exists next to a .vb/.ib file.

– g1m_fbx: in some circumstances, the program failed to laod costume.oid file. Also, now if an .oid is found next to the g1m, it will use that instead for the bones names. Additionally, the convention for unnamed bones has been changed to match the one used by ausgeek scripts.

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