vagonumero13 tools (REDELBE, rdbtool, g1mtools, doa6decsave) Update 30 June: REDELBE 0.82

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Hey, i’m having problems with changing textures on files ending in kidsmm1.g1t for costumes that change texture when they get wet. I’m pretty sure that i’m using the right format settings (BC6H with mipmaps), tried saving it with both and photoshop intel plugin, also made sure that the texture in the g1t got changed by extracting it again afterwards but then ingame it just doesn’t work, the wet texture stays as the original (specifically, i’m trying to change honoka’s cos001 and i’m changing the skirt to a solid color but when the costume gets wet it changes back to the original checkered pattern). So i was wondering if redelbe even changes the kidsmm1.g1t files at all? Or do i have to do something else to change the wet texture? I was trying to see if someone else uploaded a mod using those files as a reference but couldn’t find any so i’m at a loss right now.

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