Very obtrusive and gamebreaking black screen tearing in worldspace

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That can NOT be… you have a strange problem and must be solved in any way…

Only for clarify: If you disable your CBP the problem disappear, true?

And i presume, time ago, you have your game working with CBP whitout any problem, true?

Then, must be a problem in the HDT configuration and, IMO, of course, only can be caused by TRASH in the game or by a problem in MO causing a incorrect overwrite.

First, take a look to the GAME folders for verify you not have TRASH in:

DATAskseplugings (dll’s, xml or txt files)

DATAmeshesactorscharactercharacter assets (body model)

DATAmeshesactorscharactercharacter assets female (skeleton)

Second, Reinstall XPMSE and be sure you are ussing the HDT skeleton of 115 bones.

CBP require HDT skeleton of 115 bones.

You must run BodySlide and FNIS and the generated data from this programs go to the OverWrite.

Look what you have in the OverWrite folder, clean it and run again BodySlide and FNIS.

In the first part of the FNIS log must say you are ussing the HDT skeleton of 115 bones.

Verify that the OverWrite folder have the new generated files.

In last, take a look to the Data tab in the rigth zone of MO for see what files you have and what mod make the add/change, again Look in:

DATAskseplugings (dll and txt must come from CBP)

DATAmeshesactorscharactercharacter assets (must come from OverWrite->BodySlide)

DATAmeshesactorscharactercharacter assets female (must come from XMPSE)

Verify all of this and make another try in game.

If the problem persist, NUDE your Player Character and make some cell changes making fast travel or crossing doors with loading screen. Take a look to the LAST part of your CBP.log file.

If you have this errors in the log when your player character is NUDE mean a problem in body/skeleton.

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