What is best female body replacer as of 2019 for LE?

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Hey there!

Well i was also using AIO like you, and i was pretty satisfied with it, it’s the old version of COSIO put all together with some other stuff, i’d like it.

Untill i saw the new COSIO HD high polygons 5.2, wow!

So smooth, so beautiful, so realistic, the best body replacer i’ve seen for skyrim, here it’s page with all the info.

You can see some screenshot of the body in MY game here, to have an idea of how smooth it is:


It requires a bit of uninstalling/installing work but it’s worth it.

if you are planning to install it and don’t understand something ask me everything.

About SMP/HDT they can work together with the patches, what i can tell is that SMP is more realistic than HDT-PE in terms of collision and phisycs, also is more precise.

Anyway i really recommend the new COSIO HD v. 5.2, it have collision and physics for pussy, thighs, breast, belly, butt and arms.

It also add physics and collision to the testicles (if you have sos installed), so it’s easily the best around.

But consider that you’ll have to convert every current installed armor in your game from the body you’re using to COSIO HD, in order to be able to use COSIO HD with armor equipped.

Otherwise you will have COSIO HD body only when you’re character is naked.

Hope this can be useful for you

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