What really makes you happy?

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I never bothered with Anthem; the only looter-shooter I play is Phantasy Star Online 2.0 (I have the original on Dreamcast, too). But watching BioWare/EA’s latest “big thing” go down in flames puts a smile on my face. Especially when the producer’s own actions piss off the people still playing so much they organize a boycott. I’d have embedded the video but that function isn’t working right now. Just remember: that’s not BioWare anymore, it’s some hollow shell that EA is using for the (previously good) name.

Seeing a decent addition to a beloved game series always makes me happy. Like Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a Wonder Boy “prequel” that’s finally coming to PC. I grew up with the original WB games and The Dragon’s Trap on SMS is still one of my favorite games, as is the remake on Steam. I’ve seen enough videos of its actual play to be half-excited. Which is about the best I can muster after having my hopes dashed so many times by game producers.

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