What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

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That’s a really interesting subject you touch upon. I never ask money for my mods. I have a job, that’s where I make my money to live. Yet I’ve been modding for 20 years now, first in the Doom and Quake communities, then in the Doom3 communities and then here. I’ve release many mods, many of them were reviewed and hosted on sites that make a lot of revenue and income through bannering. Indirectly my mods made those sites a lot of money. It was (FAR) worse in the past.

People would take (my) mods, put them on disc, then sell the discs..

I once bought a ‘mod’ disc and found my own mod on it!!!!!

Yet the other side of that is that without those sites and reviews no one would have found my mods, so it’s a two-way relationship you enter.

Look at Ivy, because everybody REFUSES to review her (youtubers are very scared of mature content), she has been downloaded and used far less than for instance Heather was.

I still don’t care to release it on Nexus of fear of a political shitstorm, or banning by Nexus personnel.

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