WickedWhims – 6 January 2019

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Hello there,

just found this mod and stuff a few days ago and thanks a lot for it. Brings new fun into the game
But I have an issue… Since my family got a child and the boyfriend moved into the household they always refuse Sex with each other. Even when I try to have sex with other persons on my main female… always refused. Is it because of a child around? Vanilla “Sex” and Wohoo on the spot work….
Other families/ save games work fine too!
And when I put on the Accept always switch the stuff about cycle and pregnancy never gets mentioned again.
I will also try to save without the mod and put it in again just in case. But I dont understand what causes this issue.
Sometimes there is also an error that says something about a file that has been created in the sims 4 Folder (Las exception stuff).
How Do I know which mods cause the errors so I can remove them?
Thanks in advance !
EDIT: I also dechecked the autonomy awareness stuff about children etc. But since its autonomy I dont know if my player sims having sex is a problem with that?

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