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Anyone else running into the issue of sex interactions disappearing after making household sims do the sick nasty 1-2 times? For me it more or less goes like this

Load a household on a lot, can start sex interactions with others normally

Performed interactions 1-3 times on the lot over time

Try to start another interaction but now only solo handjob animations are available (or none if said object doesn’t have those kind of animations available to it)

Similar things happen if I keep moving an active group session (minimum 2 sims) . After moving it a few times, I lose the option to move it. If I stop it, I’m again left with just solo handjob interactions if I try to start it again.

I’ve tried using the ww.fix command both before and after stuff went missing on the whole household but nothing came of that. Also tried clearing out WW altogether (package, script an the save folder) but the bug always came back. One thing that does fix it temporarily without requiring a reload/restart is toggling an animation.

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