.44 Magnum Revolver (Modern Gun Mod)

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Yeah, you read that right. This mod adds a whole .44 Magnum revolver to your game, but it won’t drop it right into your hands (unless you download the version that does that). You’ll have to face the Ebony Warrior and defeat him to claim your new weapon. Yep, in case you didn’t think the Ebony Warrior was OP enough already, now he has a gun in his arsenal too. That said, that version of the mod probably won’t be compatible with any other mods that alter the Ebony Warrior. That’s why I’ve also included another version that just gives you the weapon. So if you don’t have the Dragonborn DLC, have other Ebony Warrior mods, or just don’t want to deal with fighting him, you should check out that version.

The only requirement would be the Dragonborn DLC, and that’s only required if you want the Ebony Warrior version. The Alternative version doesn’t have any requirements. However, regardless of which version you use, I HIGHLY recommend using gaju’s Pistol Shooting Animations alongside this mod. If you don’t you’ll just have the vanilla staff animations as seen in my screenshots and video demonstration. It looks unimmersive and ugly as piss, boi. Good to note, those pistol animations also work well with the vanilla staves, so you won’t be sacrificing your staff animations for pistol animations, it’s a win win.

Installation is simple, just drag and drop the Meshes, Sound, Textures, and .esp into your SkyrimData folder. Alternatively, you can always use a mod manager, like Vortex, MO, or NMM to install everything for you. I recommend running LOOT after you install to keep your load order in check.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Feel free to upload any screenshots, videos, etc. and let me know of any problems you encounter with the mod. Suggestions welcome as well. Also, if you want to port this to SE, Xbox, etc. That’s fine.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99430

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