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Do you love the Rift?

Do you wish to move your family there, to live in the wild, surrounded by nature?

Then this mod is for you!

Located near Shor’s Stone, next to Shor’s Watchtower, this small-medium home comes with all crafting stations, children’s bedroom (with 6 beds!), kitchen, matrimonial bed and even a horse!

+ Fully Nav-Meshed, followers can go in and out and all around!

+ Free horse for the player!

+ All crafting stations, with an edited smelter inside.

+ 6 beds for up to 6 children.

+ Wedding bed for the spouse!


For the house itself, the hard requirements are only Skyrim up to date and Hearthfires.

However, if you wish to move your family, you MUST use “Bless Home” spell from Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions. Make sure you install that mod too, otherwise the house will still be there but you won’t be able to move your adopted children or husband/wife.

After you bless the house and ask them to move, allow up to 4-5 days in game time for them to actually travel there.


Use Mod Organizer or NMM/Vortex. I highly suggest you don’t just generally drop loose files around, but anyway if you have to then just unpack inside the Data folder.


– Move your family somewhere else and, just to be safe, make sure they all reach it.

– Grab ALL of your items inside the chests, don’t leave anything inside.

– Dismiss the horse, if you used it, by mounting another one.

– Go into another interior location (inn/another house/tavern/shop/whatever) and save.

– Unistall (and/or reinstall to update).


Me & TM Phoenix


This wouldn’t have been possible without his work 🙂

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