A few neat staves.

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Adds a few neat staves, albeit using existing models, but in somewhat interesting ways with neat effects.

All the staves were added in somewhat lore appropriate areas, check images for their exact locations.

Dwemer Lightning Rod – A dwemer themed staff that casts chain lightning.

Staff of the Swamp – A swamp themed lower level version of Mirak’s.

Defiler Staff – A falmer themed staff that will paralyze enemies.

Sanguine Staff – A rose staff that will drain enemies of their health.

Druid Staff – A druid themed staff, using a nature damage effect.

Archdruid Staff – A more powerful version of the Druid Staff.

Thorned Rose – The same as the Druid Staff, but a different model.

Nature’s Thorn – The same as the Archdruid Staff, but a different model.

Note: Don’t use this and my other mod Thorned Rose, they will conflict with eachother.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97473

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