A Novice Guide to Modding

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A short guide for the Novice/New Modder.

Having troubles with skyrim Stabilty.  Want to add cool mods to skyrim but having troubles.  A must have guide for new modders to get the most out of skyrim  as Hassle free as possible.

I started modding a little over a year ago and I wish I could have found this info right at the start.  It is short and sweet.  It will not overload you with too much information.  There are optional tutorials to make it easy to understand.  There are links to all the tools and tutorials listed.  There are a few recommended mods for people who don’t know.

All I have done is brought information together so newbies can have a place from which to start, instead of the trial and error I used.

All links and turorials are done by others and I am in no way associated with them or nor can I take credit for any of the material here other than this guide

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97090

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