A Roleplayer’s Start

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A Roleplayer’s Start


A lightweight and compatible mod which allows you to choose a Standing Stone and a Divine upon character creation. This is similar to players choosing their birth sign in previous Elder Scrolls games. Unlike in those games, you can still discover other Standing Stones and change your active one.

Any newly created character (and also existing characters) will learn 2 new Spells, both of which are removed upon selecting a Standing Stone / Divine:

    [*]Standing Stone Selection: You can choose from any of the 13 Standing Stones, or choose to not be born under any Standing Stone’s constellation. In both cases, the spell is removed. No effect on characters who have already chosen a Standing Stone.

    [*]Divine Selection (optional): You can choose to receive the blessing from any of the Nine Divines, or reject them if you want to play a daedra-worshipping character. After a choice has been made, the spell is removed.


    [*]Automatic: Install the downloaded file with a Mod Manager of your choice

    [*]Manual: Drag & drop the contents of the downloaded file into your Skyrim’s Data directory

Recommendations & Compatibility

Recommended Mods:

Compatible with:

And any mods that only modify the effects of Standing Stones / Divine Blessings.

Semi-compatible with:

    [*]Religion (use the “Without Divine Selection” version, otherwise you may soft-lock your game! Compatibility patch may come at a later time)

Incompatible with:

    [*]No known incompatibilities

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99002

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