A Shard of Coldharbour

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Winterstone Castle for years).

Portal for followers – The way the power works could potentially confuse things or even worse left you trapped in Coldharbour, I could create a door out of bounds that only NPC’s could use… ehhhh maybe, I don’t know. 

If you want to have your spouse with you (Like I did with Brelyna Maryon) I suggest something like Wedding Day by Akarnan

that gives you a power to summon your spouse wherever you may be.

If you pair it with Spouses can live everywhere by Amgepo and Emma you are all set.

Any followers you can summon obviously work fine.

Other things like Dremoras, Merchants, a severed head, Cheese, etc – Suggest something and I’ll see what I can do.


You may use this mod as you like provided it’s not for a paid mod, and you give proper credit. (Not just to me but the creators of the resources)

Furthermore if you want to know how anything works inside the home just ask, if it wasn’t for people like Darkfox127, I wouldn’t know how to use the creation kit, so the least I can do is share what I know.


Teleport Room Magic by GorstGoblin

Religious Resources of Tamriel (RRoT) (LE) by Nickorasu

Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins by Eldiabs

Divine Amulets and Daedric Rings – Upscaled Textures by Lycanthroat

Basic Shapes – Lego for Skyrim by jasperthegnome

Apepi’s Art Assets by ApepiofDuat

Manor House Modders Resource by Tlaffoon

Weapon Plaque Recoloration by Thala

Lolicept Resources by lolikyonyu

Beds and Stuff by K13RAN64

Open Books Library by Stoverjm

Openbooks Resource by Blary

FPI Experiment Pack 1 by BrettM

Assorted Resources by Tamira

Stroti Resource Pack II by Tamira

Strotis Ovens Resource by Tamira

Resources for Modders by Runspect

Used in the screenshots:

Coldharbour Resummoned by Aipex8

(A must have with this mod) 

Spooky Edits – Darker Vampire Armor by Spookymunky

Rustic Silverware, Noble Furniture, etc by Gamwich

(I use all the rustic retextures)

Rugnarok by Gamwich

MultiLayer Parallax Soul Gems by Madcat221 

Underworld Dawnguard – Vampire and Werewolf Eyes by Anardion

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95551

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