A State Builder in Valenwood

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A State Builder in Valenwood (version 1.0)

A Skyrim Mod by M7

A State Builder in Valenwood


June 13, 2019 (Steam App.)


Come to Valenwood and build a City-State, and then rule it. Find the Boat along the shores of Dawnstar. Transform a farming village into a thriving State. Visit the Palace for details.


New World Modder Resource

To Build the City-State:


Harvest Wood from green-leafed, Cedar wood trees, or buy wood from local Towns. Mine Iron and other metals in the Mines to the NorthWest (use the Pavilion with the gold telepad disk near Entrance via the Boat), or purchase required components in the Towns. Build the parts inside the Palace, first level, on the Carpentry Workbench.



1 Log (from Trees) = 50 Wood Piles.

1 Wood Pile = 20 Wood Planks.

10 Wood Planks (etc.) = 1 Wall.

4 Walls + 10 nails + concrete foundation = 1 House Plan.

10 House Plans = 1 Blueprint. There are 8 Blueprints to the City. Read them to build each region.

The Strongbox in the First Level of the Palace near the Throne contains Powers spell tomes for Governing the City-State. You can choose the type of Government, evoke random effects daily like Trade with other Towns (with the Foreign Exchange chair near Throne) or invasions within the city (Bandits, Rioters or Dragons) once the city is built. Then you can hire or attract Workers – Farmers, Lumberjacks, Guards, Cows, Citizens, etc.

Choose from Monarchy, Republic, Theocracy, Dictatorship, Technocracy, Principality, or Democracy (Spell Tomes, Powers). Each has a separate effect. Another Power is setting the Tax Rate (from 10% to 50% daily). Justice, Trade, Religion, Laws, and Military are other Powers of Government. The Religion Power is from a Mara Statue near her Church of Mara in the Justice District. You may wish to hire Guards in case of random effects like Invasion or Riots, because most of the workers are Mortal (except Merchants or Followers). You can also approve/disapprove Legislation (Laws – Powers).

The Market District has various Merchants selling clothing, armor, weapons, Magic, and a Pet Store. More are found in the Nobles District (Art Gallery, Jarl Garb, Hotel, Casino, Theater).



KS Hairdos Renewal (Nexus Mods)


New World Mod Resource by Breti (Nexus Mods)


Bethesda (Creation Kit, Skyrim)

SKSE / Nifskope / BSA Browser / Gimp


(Not Compatible with my Camelot Mod or any mod using New World Mod Resource).


M7 2019.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98169

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