Additional Encounters

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Add extra encounters in dungeon.

They comes from entrance of dungeon.

This mod does NOT add any extra spawn point.

This mod does NOT increase spawn rate already exists.


    [*]SKSE (maybe)




Just install and activate esp. Uninstallation Just deactivate esp and remove, then clean your save data. Details

After player into dungeon, they are preparing parse, around 10 seconds.

Don’t worry, they are almost no performance hit.

After preparing, when x seconds past, they are spawn check parse.

x means between min spawn interval and max spawn interval.

At least min spawn count enemies will be spawn.

They are extra spawn, rate is spawn percentage.

They are limit, limit is max spawn count.

After spawn parse, when x seconds past, spawn check parse will comes again.

Up to 20 enemies appear throughout.

All enemies can be strengthened, rate is hardcore percentage.

Hardcore means extra AI, not means a high level.

They will try to assassinate the player.

Compatibility This mod should be compatible with almost anything.

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