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“Working at a forge is hard. I’ve always found it strange that a fragile woman should swing a heavy hammer at a blazing forge. From now on, Adrianna Avenicci will sell at Warmaiden’s what her husband Ulfberth has made.

The moderators of this site decided to completely ignore a section of their guidelines that prohibits sexism, so I decided to amend that on my own.

This mod adjusts AlderDean’s original mod, turning Adrianna into a man, and Ulfberth into a woman. So, once again,  the “fragile woman” will be swinging a heavy hammer at a blazing forge. Literally, that’s it.


Despite being labeled as a patch, this mod doesn’t actually require the original mod, so you can just drop it in your data folder.


• Should be compatible with everything except mods that edit Adrianne and Ulfberth.

• Incompatible with fragile masculinity

Credits and Acknowledgements

• AlderDean for the original mod

• The 19th Amendment

• The NexusMods moderation team, who apparently can choose which site rules they want to enforce


I’m not typically the call-for-censorship type, but I just think it’s utterly ridiculous that the moderators allow a clearly misogynistic mod to stay up, when it so blatantly goes against the Terms of Service. If that makes me an SJW, so be it.

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