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Working at a forge is hard. I’ve always found it strange that a fragile woman should swing a heavy hammer at a blazing forge, while her husband enjoys cool and quiet inside their shop. 

From now on, Adrianna Avenicci will sell at Warmaiden’s what her husband Ulfberth has made. 

I swapped their AI packages to force Ulfberth to work at the forge from 6 to 11 hours a day, and Adrianna will mostly stay inside the Warmaiden’s to service customers. I also changed their outfits accordingly.

You will need some NPC beautification mods to make Adrianna and Ulfberth look as in the screenshots. 

The mod may conflict with other mods that change the particular NPCs, so consider your load order. 

The mod should be kept near the bottom of your load order, but you risk reverting Adrianna and Ulfberth to their vanilla appearance. 

A simple patch using TES5Edit should help that. 


Bthesda for the wonderful TES universe

TES5Edit team for the outstanding modding tool

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