Advanced Sparks Flame and Frostbite spells

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Ever wanted to keep using Sparks, Flame, or Frostbite in the later levels? If only they had more oomph, right? Well, in the tradition of certain JRPGS, Faralda now carries spell tomes for Flama, Flamaga, Sparka, Sparkaga, Frostbita, and Frostbitaga (the last one sounds a bit awkard, true). Power is 5 times base with 6 times cost, and 10 times with 12 times base cost respectively. It’s not more mana efficient, but it does make them an option against high level enemies. Inspired by Expert Level Frost Flames and Sparks Spells, by Raghast. Basically I changed the name, added a x10 version (his is x5 only), and I highly recommend checking his stuff.

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