Aegean Sentinel Halberd

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By FunkyGandalfCat

Note: All assets of this mod were created from scratch by me, nothing as converted from other games.

…Sometime in the Second Era, there lived a small company of wandering knights whose had stray from the good way to pursue their own selfish idealisms and wishes, doing questionable things to achieve their goals.

One night, they were surprised by a large group of bandits, they stood their ground, slaying many bandits but they were just too many, so they ran into the darkness of the night, they were chased by their enemies, till they reached a small clearing in the edge of a cliff that had vision to open seas, there, they prostrated, claiming for the gods and together sworn to never make harm to anyone again, but rather protect the realm of men till their last breath.

As their enemies arrived, the wandering knights rose up from the ground as the blue moonlight radiated everywhere, their steel armors glittering blueish and their blades could be heard resonating its sharpeness.

The bandits were no match for the reborn knights, those who survived ran in fear, passing on the legend of the knights with blue armors.

Not long after, these same knights made a covenant called the “Aegean Sentinels”, formed by those with the will to protect the realm of Tamriel and its people.

The Aegean Sentinels had many weapons in their arsenal, but the halberd was a favourite between its members, for the knights enjoyed fighting while galloping their horses…

This weapon features a Dark Souls upgrading style, see the materials below.

Note: This weapon can’t be tempered, all upgrading is made on Anvils and Blacksmith Forges.

Upgrade to +1 consumes: 1 Aegean Sentinel Halberd3 Silver Ingots and 1 Petty Soul Gem(Filled)

Upgrade to +2 consumes: 1 Aegean Sentinel Halberd +15 Silver Ingots and 1 Lesser Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to + 3 consumes: 1 Aegean Sentinel Halberd +23 Quicksilver Ingots and 1 Common Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +4 consumes: 1 Aegean Sentinel Halberd +35 Quicksilver Ingots and 1 Greater Soul Gem (Filled)

Upgrade to +5 consumes: 1 Aegean Sentinel Halberd +41 Centurion Dynamo Core and 1 Grand Soul Gem (Filled)

The Halberd becomes enchantable at +5 level.

The Halberd has extended range a is slightly faster than 2 handed axes.

Refugee’s Rest, take a look:


The Halberd is the ball of light floating by the body, interact with it to recieve the weapon.


This mod contains an optional file for download which is a patch for the Animated Armoury – New Weapons with third person animations by NickaNak an AMAZING mod that adds tons of new weapons with nicely crafted animations, such as halberds, rapiers, pikes, battlestaffs and claw weapons!

With this patch the Aegean Sentinel Halberd will have the Halberd animations from that mod!

Maya 2016

Photoshop CC


Creation Kit


Humus: For his cubemap base “lycksele_evening”

Billyro: For converting Humus cubemaps properly

ObitoHideki[/url] and LoneNorseman for their beautiful pictures!

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