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w/ FeverNB 266 by Freyadiin


Install with the mod manager of your choice, and be sure to activate the esp!



This mod makes use of assets from many other mods, so if there’s a particular asset from one of the mods below that you wish to use, please contact the author of said mod for permission. As for my own assets, if you wish to use my modified Natural Eyes and Real Girls textures you have my permission, so long as you also obtain permission from the authors of said mods. I’m not currently permitting the re-uploading or usage of my preset in other mods, though if you feel you have a good idea, I can be convinced otherwise. When in doubt, feel free to send me a private message.


w/ FeverNB 266 by Freyadiin



Huge thanks to all these modders, without you none of this would have been possible

Enhanced Character Edit – tktk1

Natural Eyes – nevenbridge81

Real Girls Realistic Body Texture – Zonzai and Seren4XX

SG Female Textures Renewal – hellosanta

KS Hairdos – Renewal – Kalilies, Shockero and Stealthic Khaos

Brows – Hvergelmir

Better Makeup for SKSE – Diethardt

A Smile HD – ArtByMari

UNP Tender Hands – Hidanna

Natural Feet – Leito86

Dimonized UNP female body – dimon99

The Eyes of Beauty – LogRaam

Mods used in screenshots

FeverNB 266 – Midhras

Face Light – tktk1

Female Facial Animation[/url] – nao4288

w/ FeverNB 266 by Freyadiin

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