Aerin Racemenu Preset

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Greetings, this is the Aerin racemenu preset. I tried to create Arwen’s face from Lord of the Rings. You know that beautiful elf with the river scene, where she summons the river spirit? She is such a badass. But alas.. I can not do it.

So this preset is based on her and I named it “Aerin”. 

She is a Nord I messed up her ear, she have elf ear. And I can not edit it to normal again.

How to use :

1. Extract “Data” folder to skyrim directory

2. Open racemenu and load Aerin Sculpt file

3. Still in racemenu load Aerin preset.

*The eyebrows slider is the same as in the screenshot, CUFemaleBrows07 from 12FemaleEyeBrows.esp

Mods Required :

KS Hairdo’s


Leyenda Skin (for 12FemaleEyeBrows.esp)


Improved Eyes Skyrim


Seductive Lips


Other Mods used :



Snapdragon ENB


I hope I did everything right. Thank you for downloading.

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