Aesa – Standalone Follower

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[font=Verdana][/font][font=Comic Sans MS]Aesa – Standalone Follower[/font]

Info :

[font=Verdana]Name : Aesa 

Race : Nord

Class : Spellsword

Weight : 100

[font=Verdana]Armor Type Preference : Heavy Armor

Weapon Type Preference : Sword

Location : Winking Skeever – Solitude

Marriable : Yes[/font]

[font=Verdana]Default Outfit : ESO Altmer Armor[/font]


ENB Used in Screenshot :

Patrician ENB

My Other Mods :

[/b]Arias – Standalone Follower 

Argus Fanis – Racemenu Preset 


Credits :

Credit to Expired6978 for RaceMenu

Credit to Asteria Starfall for Brown Eyed Girl Preset

Credit to Art_By_Mari for A Smile HD

Credit to Ousnius and Caliente for CBBE & Bodyslide[/url]

Credit to Docteure for Dream Angels Natural Edition Bodyslide Preset

Credit to Rxkx22 for Bijin Skin

Credit to Kalilies and Stealthic for KS Hairdos

Credit to Nerune for Mikan Eyes

Credit to Fadingsignal for Improved Eye Reflections and Cubemap

Credit to Nevermind43 for ESO Altmer Armor

Credit to Jeir for ESO Altmer Armor Bodyslide[/size]

[/font]Feel free to upload your own image here, and If you want to see more screenshots from my characters, you can see it on my Flickr Account[/url]

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