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This mod adds three different followers based on the manga/movie AKIRA, that being Kaneda, Kei and Tetsuo. They can be found scattered across Skyrim, I also didn’t intend to make this mod lore-friendly in any way. I’ve spent quite a few days to create this mod, like tweaking the NPC’s appearance to look as close to the artstyle as possible.

I was captivated by the mysterious storyline of the animated movie when I first watched it with my boyfriend, and after some time I was inspired to read the manga (so far I’ve only read the first two volumes, so no spoilers please)

Before I started working on this mod, I wanted to test out my face-sculpting skills with the Racemenu mod, and just for fun I decided to make a face that resembles Kaneda. Then I thought, why not try to create faces of some more main characters? It took me countless of tweaking to make their faces look as accurate as possible. And here we are. I hope people will have fun with this mod addition to their game, especially those who are familliar/enjoyed the whole Akira fandom.

-Follower Details-

All followers in this mod uses hand-picked vanilla voicetypes that I thought somehow suits their personality, they’re also technically Imperials, and marriageable. It is recommended to recruit them at higher levels, otherwise they might be overpowered.

Kaneda can be found at The Bee and the Barb, Riften. He’s equpped with a custom outfit from another mod that I retextured, by default he carries an iron mace and some skooma, lol, but you can always give him a gun-like weapon from another mod, such as the Dwarven Blaster. He uses the MaleYoungEager voice.

Kei can be found at The Drunken Huntsman, Whiterun. By default she wears a retextured coat and carries an Ebony Dagger, but like I previously said, she can be given a pistol from another mod. She uses the FemaleCommander voice.

Tetsuo can be found in The Frozen Hearth, Winterhold. And who knows, maybe he got kicked out of the College because reasons.

He has no weapon by default, but will use higher level spells in combat. He uses the MaleCondescending voice.


Coverwomen (Kei’s face texture) by mrLenski

Pretty Face (Tetsuo and Kaneda’s face texture) by tktk1

Kijiko Hair (Kei’s hairdo) by Kijiko and Goldiocks

KS Hairdos (Kaneda’s hairdo) by Kalilies

Wayfarer’s Coat (Kei’s outfit, retextured) by Ellise

Apachii Divine Elegance Store (Tetsuo’s cape, retextured) by Apachii and Urshi

Modern Clothes[/url] (Tetsuo’s tank top, retextured) by Blaze69

Blue Jeans Plus Volume 3 (Kaneda’s outfit, retextured) by Andrew Clements and Nancy Krantz

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98239

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