Akira Racemenu Preset

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Required Mods:


SG Hair Pack (Google it!)

LuxBrows (Google it!)

Lind`s Elven Eyes (Optionally you can install the Glowing Eyes addon looks great!)

Etherreal Elven Overhaul(Is a must!)

Seductive Lips HD

Extended Slider Colors(For the Skintone etc.)

As for the Skin i use Demoniac Glossy Skin Texture 4k with 8K Specularmap (Only for Screenshots tho)

For Gameplay i use Leyenda Skin 4K

How to Install:

Drop it into DataSKSEPluginsChargenPresets

Used armor Mod:

The Amazing World of Bikini Armor by nisetanaka

If you like this Preset Endorse and Share it! Much love! Ps: Depending on your Visual mods your Character might not look just like mine because everybodys Skyrim is different.(Shadows Lightning Conture etc. BUT! Here are my Visual Mods:

Rudy ENB NLVA version(With Personal edits to make the Skin look good)

ELFX Enhancer and Interiors (Dont use Weather)


Vivid Weathers(Required for NLVA)

Thats basically all mods that make my Character look like in the Screenshots.

And another benefit is that this Setup of Visual mods(With out Textures and All) is Very VERY Performance Friendly and makes your Skyrim Look very Beautiful even with a LowSpec  Pc like mine ^^. (I7 1st Gen and GTX 960 xD literrally a Garbage can Pc but i can still run my 300+ mods just fine)

Thats it!

Hope u have fun walking around as her.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96102

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