Alex beautiful vampire nord girl savegame

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this savegame was created by me, i completed a really good bunch of quests including the main storyline and the dlc’s ones also the Alex family is located in heljarchen manor, her spouse is aela the huntress and his two daugthers are lucia and sofie, there is really cool stuff in the first chest that you find in heljarchen manor, she is level 42 and i’s ready to level up! of course i have ”some” mods installed, she works better with the CBBE BODY and Extra THICC preset by Zerhackfetzer and xsim 1999x:, she is actually in thirsk mead place (controled by rieklings), also she fights for the empire and won the war (you can see the completed quests in the journal btw)

mods used:

Artifacts of boethiah

Auto unequip ammo

Dead body collision fix

enhanced lights and FX


insanity’s Dragonbane

Realistic needs and diseases

run for your lives

showracemenu alternative

Skse and skyui

Unofficial skyrim legendary edition patch.

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