Alexandretta Body and Face RM Preset – UNP

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Make sure to use “Nord”

Having troubles getting a good screen shot?

~~~ ‘tfc 1’ in 3rd person view ~~~

~~~ ‘sucsm 1’  0.1 to 99.9 Speed varies ~~~

~~~ ‘Fov 25-45″ Optional  ( Retype just “FOV” to reset )~~~

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Video Reserve

Mods needed to look like pictures use:

Rudy ENB .366

Fair Skin Complexion UNP

High Res Brows By Lthot

Eyes of Beauty

KS Hair Renewal

Race Menu

Installation For Face Preset (RM):

1. Do not use NMM for installation, it will not work.

2. Download and install requirement mods. Install recommended mods to look like screenshots.

3. Download this Jslot

4. Copy the slot file and paste to Data/SKSE/Chargen/Presets/ (Here)

5. Start the game and go to character creation menu by using 

“showracemenu” command and go to Presets tab, and load Alexandretta.jslot 


Installation for Body Slide File (UNP):

1. Do not use NMM/Vortex for installation, it will not work.

2. Download this Body Preset save file.

3. Copy the file and paste to Skyrim/Data/CalienteTools/Bodyslide/Sliderpresets

4. Start up Bodyslide.exe and build your body and batch build to your armors!


  Credit to Caliente for CBBE v2/3

Credit to expire6978 for RaceMenu

Credit to Kalilies for KSHairdos Renewal

Credit to Demoniac for SG/RG Textures

Credit to Lograam for Eyes of Beauty

Credit to Lthot/Hvergelmir for Brows High Resolution

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