Alex’s Arngjar – A Mage Companion

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[font=Georgia][/font][font=Georgia]Arngjar is a mage companion built from complete scratch not using a single vanilla follower “asset” from the base-game.

Everything has been scripted and made from the ground up by me.

He doesn’t require any other mods to function and looks like a vanilla NPC. This was an important point for me.

Arngjar is a mage from the College of Winterhold. Kind of. Find and meet him to find out more.

He’s a young mage craving to learn more, so a traveler like you is a person he looks up to.

He’s easygoing and calm. Another thing would be that he’s eager to learn more about magic, eventhough he knows quite a lot about Destruction Magic already.

You can find Arngjar in Winterhold in the Frozen Hearth Inn or outside, depending on the time of day.

Use NMM or install manually

He’s compatible with anything. Things that change how vanilla companions work isn’t gonna have an effect on him however, since he’s completely standalone.

I’m planning on releasing a template of my own ”framework” from Arngjar once he’s more or less finished.

Like this, you will be able to make your very own COMPLETELY standalone custom companions and I will provide support for that as well.[/font]

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