Alex’s Aura Charms – Fire Frost and Lightning

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You get a Strange Akaviri Giftbox when you launch the game with 3 Charms in it.

Depending which Charm you carry, you get a purely aesthetic Aura.

Remove it from your inventory to remove it.


Works on companions as well by simply trading with them and giving them whatever Charm.

General goods traders also sell the Charms sometimes.


The physics on them are wonky. If you drop them, they will fall but end up falling through the map. I still haven’t figured out how you can set up the physics but as long as you don’t drop them, it’ll be fine. If you do, reload your save or try to buy a new one from a trader.

The 2 .psc files are in the archive if you want to see how the script is written.


This is a completely standalone mod and should be compatible with anything that doesn’t change the Magic Cloak FX. If you are using a changer, then that new version will be displayed instead of the normal vanilla one you see in the screenshots.

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