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Hello, this file here contains a template of a standalone custom companion.

You can follow the tutorial videos I’ve uploaded to create your very own custom (voiced) companion who is standalone who won’t be causing incompatibility issues with other mods. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or know how things work. However, the videos are aimed more towards people who are newer, so just drink a cup of tea while checking through them.

Best of all: No scripting required!

More videos like Archiving it for upload, Renaming the .esp and folders, adding a Home dialogue option, adding a Trainer dialogue option and other things you may request will be recorded.

Those things I mentioned; I know how to make those so it’s no problem at all.

However, if you have suggestions, just post in the comments and I’ll check them out and let you know if it can be done or not.

So far, here are the videos with the main steps.

Part 1 – Setting Things Up

Part 2 – Actor SetUp

Part 3 – Combat Style and Class

Part 4 – Dialogue

Part 5 – Adding Dialogue Lines

Part 6 – Placing NPC and Finalizing

Note: I just realized I forgot to set a Home Location for the companion.

I’ll show you in the next video how you can do that. The next one after that will be about archiving this and then the other things I talked about will be covered.


This will work to create 1 companion. If you are going to create another one, since the scripts will have the same name, you might need to rename those. A future video will be made once we have everything covered that needs to be covered for just one companion.

About permission, etc.:

You can make your own companion and upload it here if you want. Only credit me and don’t upload this file anywhere else. I only want this to be on

Check the .esp description for a reminder (says the same thing than here in the description).

Other than that, there’s nothing more to it. Have fun!

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