Alex’s Scaling Bound Weapons and Destruction Spells

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I think I am going to change the text from the message box and the Skill names. Currently I don’t have any new ideas but feel free to suggest things in the comments.

You will be able to update the mod in the future when such changes will be made without having to do anything other than overwriting.


This little mod adds a journal that you can pick up and it’s used when you do, kind of like a Spell Tome. It adds 2 perks which boost the damage of your Destruction Spells and your Bound Weapons damage.

The point is to only make Destruction Spells and Bound Weapons scale with you. The only thing that this mod does besides that is that it adds a little one-time ”encounter” at the shrine, rather than just adding it to your inventory or putting it somewhere random.


You can find the journal at Mehrunes Dagon’s shrine. Once you reach a certain level, you will be lead there via letter from the courier. Just keep doing your quests, huehuehue.

Just outside the door, you will find the corpse of what seems to be an Imperial Battlemage.


Read the journal and let the fun begin. The Perks will be added right away upon picking up the book. 

Before you ask; Yes, it’s normal that the journal disappears upon picking it up. It’s like a Spell Tome that gets used upon reading it.

Basically I tried several things out and came up with a 1% increase in damage per level for both Destruction Spells and Bound Weapons. So overall, at level 100, Destruction spells will do 2 times damage and same goes for your Bound Weapons if your Conjuration level is 100.

Doesn’t seem to be unbalanced to me, considering it’s still peanut damage but now it’s x2 at level 100 of their respective skills.


Use NMM or install manually.


Totally safe to uninstall.[/size]


Anything editing the Bound Weapons could be incompatible with this.

Other than that, I don’t see any incompatibility issues.

Have a look at this as well

Alex’s Betnja – A Conjurer Companionon. She goes well with this mod.


[/font][font=Georgia]Also, today’s mod was made by listening to this album. Take a peek at one of the songs – Heartwork.


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