Alex’s Whiterun – A Treeful Place

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Should you find any misplaced trees, let me know. I’ll fix them. Everything has been handplaced and there are quite a few of them. Could be that I missed one but it only takes 1-2 minutes to fix it.


A mod I made for myself that I finally finished now. Another thing I’m gonna share with you. Whiterun. WITH TREES!

Performance is great. Gives me about 3-4% more usage on my graphics card with ENB. It’s not cluttering Whiterun but just adding trees and some bushes and shrubs.

Nothing major but it’ll make Whiterun look more lively than before.

Another thing worth mentioning would be that none of the flora placed by this mod get in the way for anything that appears during the Civil War.


Use NMM or install manually. No scripts here.

J u s t   t r e e s.


You can safely uninstall this without any special things you need to do.

However, I don’t know if it’s just on my end but sometimes trees don’t appear/disappear right away when I’m testing mods I’m making. You just need to exit the area and re-enter it.


Obviously anything editing Whiterun like JK’s Whiterun. I don’t know what you’d expect installing both. lmao[/font]

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