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Tired of fast-traveling to your main home base to store your loot? Ever walk from one town to the next, and find enough stuff on the way to prompt a trip back to where you started? Or simply not satisfied with any of the vanilla player homes?

Then the Alheim is for you!

This mod adds a player home to Skyrim with access points in all of the major hold capitals. It is accessed through trapdoors located just outside of the purchasable homes in the five major hold capitals (Solitude, Markarth, Whiterun, Riften, and Windhelm), at the edge of the main courtyard in the College of Winterhold, and outside of the inns in the remaining hold capitals (Morthal, Falkreath, and Dawnstar). This allows you to travel on foot across Skyrim without wondering what to do with all the ingredients, collectables, etc. that you come across en route. The Alheim has all you could want in a home: a library large enough to hold more than the number of unique books in the game, a kitchen/dining room for meals, a bedroom and study to serve as your HQ, a workshop with all the tools you’ll need to prepare for battle, an alchemy/enchanting room to give you an edge, and a storeroom for your well-earned treasure. Beyond the storeroom, unique storage units are scattered throughout the complex so you don’t get overwhelmed by dozens of identical chests lined up next to each other. Furthermore, the Alheim is now spouse-compatable, and contains busts to store dragon priest masks.

Where are the trapdoors?

– Solitude: From the door to Addvar’s House, cross the street and pass under the arch. It will be on the left.

– Morthal: Facing the door to the Moorside Inn, turn left. It will be on the porch.

– Markarth: The trapdoor will be on the porch/balcony in front of Vlindrel Hall.

– Falkreath: Facing the door to Dead Man’s Drink, turn left. It will be on the porch.

– Whiterun: Facing the door to Breezehome, it is around the right side of the house.

– Dawnstar: Facing the door to Windpeak Inn, turn left. It will be on the porch.

– Riften: Facing the door to Honeyside from within the city, turn right. It is among the leaves and ferns.

– Winterhold: When you first enter through the gates to the courtyard of the College from the town, turn left. You will notice dark gray lines on the floor. Cross the first one, and the trapdoor should be lined up on the second.

– Windhelm: Facing the door to Hjerim, turn right. It is in the far left corner.

Alternatively, you could type “coc alheim” in the console and see where each door takes you.


– This mod will conflict with Hearthfire, such that you will not be able to move your spouse into one of the homesteads.

– This mod is not compatible with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch in one important way: if you place your masks on the busts, they will disappear when removed. Other than that, you should be fine.

Keywords: Universal, Player Home, Hold Capitals, No Fast Travel, No Fasttravel, Base, Easy Access

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