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Hello there!

V1 : Black-Brown Hair & Green Eyes

V2 : Blond Hair & Blue Eyes. Slightly paler than V1.

She’s currently taking a break at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.[/size]

Her old bow got ruined while fighting a bear, so now she tries to persuade Elrindir to fix it.

Absolutely always up for adventure.

Voice: YoungEager

Race : Woodelf

Class : Archer
Weight : 0


XPMSE (Or just a HDT compatible Skeleton) And HDT physics


Put the data folder into your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is)

[/size]Or just download it with some kinda Mod Manager.


Download only 1 Version of the Main Files.



SG Female Eyebrows



Ks Hairdos

Female Makeup Suite[/size]

Freckle Mania 2

Fair Skin Complexion[/url] (The Makeup Overhaul)

Ethereal Elven Overhaul


[/size]And that’s it!

[/size]Armor used here is the “Book of UUNP Bodyslide”.

Followers are best used with an ENB (I use Snapdragon ENB here) and Facelight. Makes them look a lot better 🙂


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