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All Geared Up Derivative (AllGUD)


SE Version: AllGUD SE

[/size]This mod originally started as a script edit to All Geared Up (AGU) to change how it choose weapons to display. It has since evolved into the most feature-rich Unequipped-Weapons-on-the-Back mod on the Nexus.

Simple to use: The most recently unequipped favorite weapon of each type can be displayed. Unfavorite a weapon to remove it from the display.

Save Your Display: Locking-in a weapon through the MCM will give it Priority when the weapon-type isn’t equipped, allowing multiple favorite weapons to be used while letting you choose what gets displayed in the end!

Ignore certain weapon-types completely: Locking-in an empty weapon won’t display the weapon-type when you unequip it.

Left-handed weapons and staves: Make sure you have the Dual Sheath Redux (DSR) meshes installed!


Miscellaneous Items! (I haven’t heard back from MrJack/mrpwn, the creator of AGU, about repackaging his meshes. so you’ll have to install AGU and extract them if you want them.)

• Supports localization, but I’m not a translator.

However!This has all come at a terrible price… a complicated installation! (Until widely-supported)

The major bug fixes required brand new meshes. Unlike AGU, All weapons need a new mesh in order to be displayed, and 6 new Skeleton nodes to be attached to, similar to how DSR implemented staves. This process takes only a few seconds per weapon, and will fix the most noticeable bugs that plagued AGU:

• Duplicate weapon on back/Invisible weapon in hand.

• Bows/crossbows causing CTD, which is why they weren’t supported.

• Leftover scabbards after switching weapons.

Tutorial images contains instructions for patching your weapons.

The readme contains instructions for patching your skeleton.

Vanilla meshes have been included, but if you use a mesh replacer, you’ll have to to patch those.

There are still a few minor visual bugs that I can’t source. All associated with Dual-wielding, and are detailed in the readme.

AllGUD Uses Body Slots!

Default configuration uses these slots:

44 RH Sword

45 RH Dagger

49 RH Axe/Mace

52 RH Staff

54 2H Melee

56 LH Dagger/Sword/Axe/Mace

59 Bow/LH Staff

60 Shield

This allows for compatibility with Cloaks, Backpacks, Left-hand Rings, and Bandolier’s Torso & Waist equipment (except side-hip).

These can all be changed through the MCM.

Other Keywords for ctrl+f: random unequip



SkyUI for MCM


1. Use a mod manager to install AllGUD.

2. Install AGU, do not enable it’s .esp, extract the meshes from its .bsa

3. Install DSR, do not run it’s Patcher or enable its .esp

4. Install XPMSE or preferred skeleton mod. If your geared-up weapons appear at your character’s feet, follow the skeleton patching instructions in the readme.

If you’ve replaced any vanilla meshes.

5. Create the meshes used by AllGUD by following the patching instructions.

If you’ve added any new weapons.

6. Check if it came with any DSR meshes, and search the Nexus for them if they did not.

7. Create the meshes used by AllGUD by following the patching instructions.

Swapping from another Weapons-on-Back mod to AllGUD should be fine, but I would HIGHLY recommend starting a New Game to avoid any potential instability.

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