Already Inspected (Visual opened containers)

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This is a port of ”Already Inspected SSE” for Legendary Edition. Please check the discussions/comments there firstly.



Inspected containers remain open. This allows you to better navigate in locations

with a large number of different containers – you can visually see

which containers you have already examined.

The mod works with all containers that have an opening animation – it is highly recommended to use with Animated clutter[/url] by JackMorris.

The mod does not handle containers, the normal activation of which is blocked by the game or mods, containers owned by the player and locked containers.

Additional actions.


The dialog of additional actions with the container is opened when it is activated with the “Sprint” key held (by default – Alt on PC, LB on an

Xinput controller):

“Keep this container closed” – Leaves the container closed after inspection.

“I am the owner!” – Declares the “ownerless” container to the player’s ownership.

Such a container will always remain closed after an inspection, which is especially important in player houses containing such containers.

“I don’t need this one anymore”
– Returns the status of “ownerless” to the container.

Such a container will become the property of the owner of the location (if such exist) and will be processed by the mod in the usual manner.

It can be used in rented rooms, first declaring the containers as your own, and returning them to the property of the taverns upon “departure”.

Reverse version:


The container remains open when it is activated with the “Sprint” key held.

No dialog of additional actions.


Choose only one version in the download section!



Skyrim SE;

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) 1.7.3[/url] or higer for Skyrim LE.



Place (unpack) the modification files in the Data folder, or install using the manager. Activate.



Turn off the mod. Delete the mod files. Containers remaining open will return to normal mode upon activation.



Animated clutter[/url] by JackMorris (recommended);

Dynamic Things – Enhanced[/url]  by FleischHals (recommended).

Theoretically, the Dialogue of additional actions may not be compatible with mods that use the same key combination on containers

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