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This is just what it says: an alternate version of my favorite follower in the game…Faendal.

    [*]Looks younger than vanilla so the whole Camilla thing makes sense. I doubt she’d really want the vanilla version of him.

    [*]Added 38 Steel Arrows so that he has an even 50.

    [*]Set to ‘Protected’.

    [*]Set to ‘Foolhardy’.

    [*]Morality is ‘Any Crime’.

    [*]Levels with the Player from 5 to 80.

    [*]Moves back further when bumped into.

    [*]He is an ‘Expert’ level trainer since,according to TES lore there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel.

    [*]He will now use whichever bow you give him, not just a ‘Hunting Bow’ (provided it is better than his current bow).

    [*]Has ‘Overdraw40’, ‘Light Foot’,’Stealth40′ and ‘Silent Roll’ Perks.


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