Alternate Worlds – Whiterun

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[font=Georgia]Wyrmscale is a “Dark World” Whiterun that has been overrun with darkness

To crossover, find a rift around the market area. Use this to phase to the other side. Your presence will not go unnoticed though. The darkness will detect you and when this happens things will get ugly. It is unbalanced and not a place you are meant to “liberate” or get cozy at per se. The dragon lord of this realm unleashes his might and is not capable of being killed. This place is a death trap unless you keep the visit brief

Only enter or exit the Dark World via the rift. This is important. If you exit via other means dragons will crossover to the Light World with you. The rift closure handles other routines as well. “Dragons phasing to other realities” is a unique obstacle I had to deal with since Bethesda implements different tech for just dragons. The two worlds are “connected” in a manner of speaking, so it works both ways. If a vanilla dragon is attacking Whiterun and you take the rift it will phase with you to the Dark World

This is a checkpoint from a while back. I have gotten some requests to share more of these worlds so will up some as I get to them. I am labeling any of these as a world resource before anything else since my “end vision” would be a massive undertaking that time would probably keep me from achieving. SKSE is needed for the Wyrmscale plugin[/font]

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