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[font=Courier New]tw: mod description refers to murder, child abuse, sexual harassment, misogyny, disablism, animal abuse/death.[/font]

There are two main problems with the devs’ choice of targets for the Brotherhood side contracts:

1) Many of them are innocent people whomst I cannot bring myself to kill.

2) There is no in-game reason someone would pay to have them assassinated.

Now, you may think number 1 is ridiculous, because, if I feel bad killing video game characters why would I want to play an assassin? To that I say: hrrrrm shut up sneaking fun.

The second reason is something I have seen people complain about and hey guess what! I fixed it for you! I tried to keep the targets at similar, like, difficulty levels or themes or whatever you want to call it but some of them are probably a bit easier so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Your new targets have ridiculous edgelord pre-murder-dialogue just like the original targets had ridiculous edgelord pre-murder-dialogue. They aren’t silent they will make word noises! Your conversation options purposefully remain ridonkulous though. Nazir has new dialogue but says his old dialogue because I can’t splice new lines together in a way that meets my standards. So just make sure you read his subtitles.

PLEASE NOTE: In my testing the ‘Kill Kjeld’ contract doesn’t show up in the journal but still functions exactly as it should. You can still ask Nazir about Kjeld and collect your reward once he’s dealt with. I don’t know why this is happening but if you find out please let me know.

COMPATIBILITY/LOAD ORDER/REQUIREMENTS: Put it lower in your load order than anything that modifies the quests & NPCs in bold below, or modifies the ‘DarkBrotherhood’ or ‘DarkSideContractDialogue’ quests, including USLEEP. USLEEP is required. Make a patch in TES5Edit if you want some other mod’s changes to go with this one’s.

Anyways, let’s go over the changes:

Kill Narfi: Absurd target. Who is making this contract. Now your target is Angrenor Once-Honored, who harasses Dunmer and killed people when he was a soldier. I went with ‘a Dunmer he harassed wants justice/vengeance’ as the motive cause I used CW-related revenge for Bolund.

Kill Beitild: Like there is a motive (her husband’s a piece of sh*t), but ‘women being murdered by their husbands’ isn’t cool or fun so now you get Kjeld, who is a horrible person.

Kill Ennodius Papius: What did this guy do??? Devs stop telling us to murder mentally ill people ffs. Now you go after Bolund, whose brother Solaf was a Stormcloak and presumably killed at least one man with a brother. That brother wants Solaf to feel their pain so they’re having his brother killed for that reason.

Kill Hern: No change, he’s got corpses in his house so he’s bad and someone probably knows it.

Kill Lurbuk: Why does everyone hate him so much it’s silly. Anyway now you get to kill Mikael because he’s a sexual harasser and general misogynist.

Kill Deekus: Where is the motive. Nowhere. So now you’re after  Hilde, who is again a bigot and either one of the people she’s bigoted against hired the DB OR Sven did I guess? Idk I can’t remember why I picked her!

Kill Ma’randru-jo: In This House We Support Cats. Now you’re killing Molgrom Twice-Killed bc misogynist, and either that or the theft-n-murder are why he’s a target now.

Kill Anoriath: Why. Now you’re after Nagrub for reasons I do not remember. Let’s say it’s Orsimer Politics.

Kill Agnis: Literally absurd. If one of the bandits she lives with wants her dead they would just. Do it themself like seriously. And sneaking into a fort is not difficult come on. Now you get to kill Lemkil who abuses his kids. One of the many people canonically aware of this wants him to stop and has decided assassination is the way to do that.

Kill Maluril: No change, there’s motive and he’s a bad guy.

Kill Helvard: Nah, let’s get Harrald instead. Was it his disinherited brother or Maven Black-Briar who ordered the killing? Only Nazir knows 🙂

Kill Safia: LOOK I KNOW SHE’S A BAD PERSON BUT SHE’S ALSO REALLY COOL SO NOW SHE’S GOING TO STAY ALIVE OKAY. Instead you want Ingun Black-Briar who like tortures animals or something??? And either someone want back at her mum or Maven is just that horrible she’d get her own daughter assassinated??? Nazir’s new dialogue implies it’s the former though.

Feel free to leave suggestions compliments complaints cats whatever.

If you want to translate this mod let me know and then go ahead and do so. Upload it yourself and send me the link or send me the zip and I’ll upload it here.

If you want to spend time making new voice files for Nazir, damn okay go for it! I’ll gladly throw ’em in.

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