Alyosha Follower Fix

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you DON’T need this if you never downloaded the mod “Standalone Male Mercenary Alyosha” .

For anyone who cares to have the whole mod, please visit this page[/url].

I uploaded a mod “Standalone Male Mercenary Alyosha” about 1 month ago. Unfortunately, due to some permission issues, I had to remove it from Nexusmods. However, I feel that I’m still responsible of bug fixing for those who already downloaded that mod, so here it is.

As I just found out, Alyosha came along as a mercenary at a price, which is that he doesn’t support multi-follower system, and will make the follower managing mod you already have invalid. 

Please find the fix patch in download page. It’s just an .esp file, including no mesh or texture. Again. do not download unless you’ve downloaded Alyosha before!

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