Amaretta an elfin follower

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This is Amaretta, a strong but not OP follower using the vanilla follower system and female sultry voice. Specializing in 2 hand weapons, she is located in the Old Hroldan Inn, a bit southeast of Markarth. Body and mashed up outfit are custom UUNP, open her inventory to check color options.REQUIREMENTS;SKSEHDT High HeelsNOTE;The sexy idle version utilizes a female default idle which changes the default idle for all females. I like it, but you may not. Before installing that version backup your dataSKSEpluginshdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml file, and your datameshesactorscharacteranimationsfemaleMT_Idle.hkx file, in case you don’t care for it. You’ve been warned.Credits;Vitriks for allowing me to use a modified version of the Black Lace Cutie heels.ChronoTrigger for the thongChapi for the dress

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