Amazonian UUNP Bodyslide Preset

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[font=Trebuchet MS]My very first “mod” simply adds my UUNP Bodyslide preset of what I think Amazonians would look like, very thick and tall.

Obviously Bodyslide is necesary [Dont know why you are here without the knowledge of Bodyslides existance] so If ya dont have it I suggest you get that first before touching anything here.

[/font]This is just a Bodyslide Preset, the shape of the character. The muscles and textures are seperate mods.

Textures are from Fair Skin Complexion and the muscles I made myself using FAMOUS , I highly recomend you take a look at the description and instructions at the mods page on how to create your own normal maps [muscle]. Its really easy and only takes about 10 min.

And that just wraps it up, hope you enjoy my first “mod” post.

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