Ambrosia Elven Vampire Companion In Several Flavors

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[font=Comic Sans MS]Since I love both Elfs and Vampires, I decided to combine them both. And boy are you in for a treat. I’m keeping with the fear cloak spell yet again and this time around a swarm of bats scares the crap out of an enemy causing them to run and hide. Ambrosia will also summon a Death Hound to help in her battles that DOES NOT go after you nor anyone but the enemy. She also comes with Auriel’s Bow and Blood Cursed arrows to help in combat as well as a modified Vampire Drain spell that also shocks her opponents as well as draining their health. And finally, she was tweaked in Creation Kit to be compatible with the Blood Thirst mod and should feed on NPC’s and such. Happy gaming and thanks for the support!


Location: Broken Fang Cave (coc brokenfangcave01)

Race: Wood Elf Vampire

Height: 1.0

Weight: 100



Class: EncClassVampire

Levels With Player

Combat: Archery, Melee, Dual Wielding, Magic

Spells: Vampire Fear Cloak, Modified Vampire Drain, Vampire Poison Resist and Sun Damage

Armor: Vanilla

Weapons: Auriel’s Bow, Bloodcursed Arrows, Dragonbone Dagger

Perks: Archery, Conjuration, Sneak, Destruction, Light Armor, One And Two-Handed and Lightfoot. 



Fair Skin

KS Hairdo’s

Eyes By Bubbles

Fair Skin Brows

Vampire hunter dark knight

Kwanon ENB


Death Hound HD Textures

Goma Pero Land

Goma Pero Poses

Aether Suite 3.8.0 – Operation Altair[/url]

Fear Cloak Spell Tutorial[/url]

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