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This is my first mod, it’s a follower, an Archer-Mage combination, completely experimental. She uses the Rose Light CVR Follower voice, so you need that mod as well. She waits in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

Actually she is a character I use as a mod-tester, but i loved her appearence so much, that i decided to take her on my journeys. Hours and hours of work and multiple reinstallations later I finally made it. Skyla’s Video was a great help there. I had to get old Skyrim (played SSE before), modded it to the extend i like it (200 mods…), rebuilt her here, load the CreationKit, spent hours of work just to find out NifMerge can’t work with the new nifs. Then i got the old CK and spent some more hours doing the same stuff here. So lots and lots of time went in here, hopefully it was worth it… I am going to make a video with her later, but for now screenshots will have to do.

Amethyst does not seem very Lore-Friendly, but her appearence makes up for that. I don’t have a cool backstory yet. She is a Woodelf, born under magical influences. That’s why she is so prone to Destruction magic. 

That’s all i could come up with right now, seriously, if someone has better ideas, go ahead and send me a message…

Requirements: CVR Follower Voices

Suggestions: Use the UNPB Body, i couldn’t quite figure out how to give her a standalone body 😀

Mods used: KS Hairdo’s


Skylas StandaloneFollower

CVR Follower Voices

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