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[font=Comic Sans MS]An Altmer Among Men [/font]

[font=Times New Roman]This little mod brings the writings of TESLORE redditor Misticsan into Skyrim in the form of a four series set of books written by Aldmeri traveler “Tenirtel of Firsthold.”[/font]

[font=Times New Roman]Since these books are extremely demeaning to humans and are considered very controversial, you won’t find any reputable booksellers in Skyrim selling them. If you want to find yourself

a copy of the books you’ll need to check out Elves, specifically Altmer (pro tip: not just the Thalmor). If you want to avoid spoilers then don’t read the list below, as it will detail exactly where you can

go to get copies of each of the books.

* Winterhold, The Frozen Hearth: Nelacar’s Room on his table

* Uttering Hills Cave: In Linwe’s room, high up on top of bookshelf.

* College of Winterhold: In the Arcanaeum, in the chest labeled “banned books”.

* Windhelm: Niranye’s House, on a table in the upstairs hall.

* Windhelm: Stables, high up on the bookshelf

* Solitude: Thalmor Headquarters, on the map table

* Thalmor Embassy: Elenwen’s Solar, on the desk in her room

* …and if you don’t feel like playing thief, you can get all four volumes of the book in a barrel labeled “rubbish”,

[font=Comic Sans MS]Credits[/color][/font]

Big thanks goes to Misticsan of /r/TESLORE for his wonderful apocryphal series and for granting me permission to make a mod. [/font][/size]

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