Ancient Ice Ysgramor Shield

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                                                Ancient Ice Ysgramor Shield 

1. Adds Standalone Replacer of the Ysgramor Shield to Skyrim, with Ice on it that reflects more then a frost atronach!

2. Goes with Stalhrim Great 🙂 

3. Does not make or edit crafting or tempering the shield just switches out the Shield is all this does is why contains .esp that makes this standalone.

4. You been walking around with the number one hero of Ancient nord civilization Ysgramor leader of the 500 Shield you came upon it during the Companions Quest after hundreds of years and no Ice Really? lol

5. ScreensShots? Feel free to take some and upload my rig aint’t doing it justice 🙁

Free to use just credit me and we good 🙂

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