Ancient Nord Draugr Gear Fixes – USLeEP (USLEP) WAFR SIC or vanilla

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Ancient Nord Draugr Gear Fixes

v. 1.0

by Darklocq

This mod (or set of mods, really – there are variants) fixes some issues with Ancient Nord (Draugr) gear, like inconsistent values and other stats, some types never being obtainable (“Non-Playable” flag), incorrect keywords, etc.

What It Does, in Detail


* [font=Georgia]Vanilla Iron version[/font]: Just a few things:

** Makes three Draugr helmets newly playable by regular humanoids, including two with unique meshes (straight-up horns, and no horns but chainmail cheeks; the third is essentially a copy of the regular one, which has different horns/antlers for male and female, but as Light Armor instead of Heavy).

** These are all set for DefaultRace – may not work on Khajiit or Argonians, or fit perfectly on Orcs. Those without ground meshes now have new ones.

** Gives them reasonable values and stats. Makes them temperable. Changes them from Daedric (what the …?) to Iron to match their stats and their tempering material requirements, and for simple sanity.

** Two are Light Armor, one is Heavy, and they have correspondingly different stats (the plain heavy ones are the same protection as Iron, and this has been applied to all Draugr items, not just the helms. The more fancy helms are slightly higher stats.

*[font=Georgia]Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLeEP) Steel version[/font]: Same helm playability as above. Also:

** Keeps USLeEP’s and earlier Unofficial Patch’s change of them from Daedric to Steel (PerkFistsSteel, etc.) – even if you don’t have USLeEP.

** But fixes USLeEP’s inconsistent keywording and crafting requirements (which were veering around from Iron to Steel); this is done for all the playable Draugr gear, not just the helms.

** Makes them slightly better, since they are Steel (e.g., a hair better than Iron Helmet, and hair lesser than Steel Helmet, and so on).

* [font=Georgia]Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade (WAFR) version[/font]: Same as Vanilla Iron version (WAFR says they’re Iron), but:

** Now actually includes Iron keywords which WAFR forgot. Now you can use them in Iron Armor sets for matching-set bonuses, not just in WAFR’s custom Nordic and Draugr sets. That includes the variant with the special meshes for Khajiit, Argonian, and Orc faces.

** Made corresponding tweaks to other Draugr gear, not just the helmets.

** Since they are Iron, they don’t have any edge over the typical Iron Helmet, etc., but they do match WAFR’s instead of vanilla’s stats for Iron gear (plus minor adustments for the more fancy ones).

* [font=Georgia]Skyrim Immersive Creatures (SIC) version[/font]: The USLeEP fixes, plus:

** Similar tweaks for SIC-specific gear, including a bunch of helms: All have reasonable values, are temperable, and will no longer be stuck at a value of 1 gold after tempering.

** Uses SIC ground meshes for items that didn’t have one.

** Fixes missing Steel keyword on various items (or Iron, where the item name says Iron). Makes bigger helms slighty more protective and heavier.

** Makes the Ancient Nord Overlord Helmet playable, and gives it a ground mesh, sicne it lacked one.

** Makes the Armor of Yngol and the good-condition Ancient Nord Cuirass (Old) not have a “stink of death” keyword (it’s not like armor can’t be cleaned).

** The three cuirasses in various stages of decay (Worn, Raddled, Broken) retain the stinky keyword, and have decreasing stats and value.

** The Raddled and Broken are now classified as Leather AND as Steel, since the female versions lack the metal parts (tempering still takes Steel – had to pick one or the other).

** Raddled and Broken have been re-classified as Light Armor, since they’re missing most of the metal. This also gives you something to use SIC’s Ancient Nord Light Gauntlets with (the only other Ancient/Draugr item that is Light, aside from two helms that this mod just made playable).

** Yngol’s Draugr-based gear has a keyword corrected, from Steel Plate to Steel (you can now use some of it to upgrade an Ancient Nord set you like, without losing matching-set bonuses). However, it is comparable to Ebony (some parts are even better), so now requires Ebony Ingot for crafting, and has the Ebony keyword, too, for additional matching-set purposes (match by style/lore or by material).

** Removed the pointless and annoying MagicDisallowEnchanting keyword from the Spiked Draugr Shield.

** Removed WAFR keywords from these items (if you use WAFR, too, see next version).

** The non-SIC cuirass now requires some Linen Wraps for repair, not just metal, to match the SIC versions (and the game provides nothing to do with that pointless clutter otherwise). The Yngol cuirass now also matches this requirement.

** Bonus: The Ring of Kadahk Mezalf (unrelated to this Draugr stuff) now has a meaningful description.

* [font=Georgia]WAFR + SIC version[/font]: All of the above (including the ring tweak), except as noted:

** Keeps the WAFR keywords, and makes Draugr gear be Iron instead of Steel (unless item has Steel in its name) to match WAFR instead of USLeEP classification.

** The Spiked Draugr Shield has both Iron and Steel keywords; SIC insists it is Steel, but WAFR treats all Draugr as Iron, so take your pick. (By the time most players can use spiked shields for power-bashing, they would no longer be using Iron gear, anyway.)

** Two items with “Nordic” in their names now have the missing WAFR Nordic gear keyword (didn’t do this with any just-clothing items, nor Steel Plate; that keyword is just for the Ancient/Draugr-style armor and for Carved Nordic).

** Yngol’s gear now has keywords that match other Ancient Nord gear (Nordic, Draugr, Iron – it will be the best Iron set possible unless you have some weird mods installed). As noted above, its superb badassness is explained with Ebony tempering requirements, and it also has the Ebony keyword for matching sets.

** SIC cuirasses no longer require any Linen Wraps for repair, to be consistent with vanilla and WAFR ones, and because WAFR and its adjuncts (Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, and Clutter & Clothing Fixes) make heavy use of Linen Wraps (you can easily have a shortage if you don’t go after Draugr frequently).

Both of the SIC versions use the updated stats and item names from SIC’s DLC2 patch (which was also a bug fix and re-balance, not just Dragonborn add-ons), but it is not required.



* Vanilla version: Strictly, just requires Skyrim.esm. You should (not “must”) also have Update.esm, or some gear may not have 100% consistent stats with the rest of the game.  You can use this version to override USLeEP treating these items as Steel. (If you are playing a perfectly vanilla game aside from this and few other mods, frankly you’re a fool, because the original game is full of fatal bugs. You really need USLeEP, which fixes most of them, and all of the really bad ones.)

* USLeEP version: Strictly, just requires Skyrim.esm.   You should (not “must”) also have Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLeEP) and Update.esm, or various stats will not be 100% consistent with similar items in the game.

* WAFR version: Requires WAFR, Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, and Dragonborn (because WAFR requires them).

* SIC version: Requires SIC, and Update.esm.

* WAFR+SIC version: Requires WAFR, SIC, Update.esm, Drawnguard, and Dragonborn.



Download the version you want – ONLY INSTALL ONE VERSION – and install like any other mod, either manually or with your mod manager. There are no mandatorily manual steps. Put this late in your load order, after WAFR, SIC, and any other general gear-overhaul mods, otherwise the changes made by this mod will probably get undone. If you have SIC’s “Skyrim Immersive Creatures – DLC2.esp”, use this mod after that patch (which goes after SIC, of course).  This mod must also go after “WAF_CCF_SIC Patch.esp”, which will conflict with this mod if this mod loads earlier than that patch.  In general, put this after any patches that modify WAFR or SIC records, just to be safe. 

Recommended: Use Merge Plugins xEdit Script in TES5Edit – or the stand-alone Merge Plugins app – to merge this mod and other minor fix-it mods into a single ESP file, to free up mod slots in your load order. Load the merged one last or nearly last (right before Wrye Bash’s bashed patch).  This will be a “clean”-merging mod, since it has no BSA files, nor any meshes that must be in directories named after the mod.

Uninstallation: Do not just delete it, but remove the gear from your player character first or any personal storage (sell it, or destroy it with Disable and MarkForDelete in the Console, or abandon in it a cleared dungeon, which will reset soon enough). Much of it would revert to the Non-Playable flag (thus also not takable from the ground or containers). It would probably be screwy if it were still in your inventory, and especially if you were wearing it. It should not affect other NPCs, but I can’t guarantee that, and can imagine difficulties in removing it from followers, except via the Console.  None of the items in here are new, so removing the mod will not cause problems with FormIDs going null.  It has NO SCRIPTING of any kind, so there is no potential for runaway “zombie” scripts and savegame bloat and other crashtastical awfulness.

Known Compatibility Matters


* The old, separate Unofficial Patch series will probably work if you don’t have USLeEP, but I can’t guarantee it (or recommend it; the old patches are obsolete).

* The WAF+SIC version must come after “WAF_CCF_SIC Patch.esp” if you are using that, otherwise most of my mod’s patches will be overridden.

* The WAF versions do not conflict with “AOS2_WAF Patch.esp”.

* Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, and Clothing & Clutter Fixes, will work fine with this (and are usually used with WAFR, so you probably want that version, or the WAFR+SIC version if you also have SIC).

* This has no effect on “Hmm What to Wear” or vice versa, since (perhaps surprisingly) HWtW didn’t touch Draugr gear.

What It Doesn’t Do


* Won’t make every piece of Draugr stuff lootable.  There will remain some Draugr gear that is unplayable; these are duplicates that use the meshes that were already or are now playable.  This isn’t a “Monty Haul” mod to turn every foray in a Nord ruin into a pile of 10,000 lb of low-end gear; it’s only to ensure that different-looking gear is consistent and eventually obtainable, so you can collect it, put it on followers, etc., and none of it will remain worthless after you work on it.  It’s presumed that some crusty old Draugr-wear is just too icky and rotting for you to bother with (like fused with rotting flesh).

* Won’t add all-new Draugr items, re-skin old ones, change their distribution, or radically change any in stupid ways (e.g. by making Ancient Nord Rags into real armor).

* Won’t make every Draugr-related thing craftable from scratch at the Forge, or insert any of them into shops’ leveled lists, or put them on random bandits and other NPCs.  These things are antiques.

* Won’t address gear added by any other mods, like for special Bloodmoon-based Draugr in Solstheim, or whatever.

* Won’t do anything with Skeleton gear, even if it shares some meshes; it only changes specifically named Ancient Nord and Draugr gear, plus (for WAFR) some Nordic but non-Draugr gear with the wrong keywords.

* Won’t wreck your savegames – but see the uninstallation note for how to avoid obvious bonehead problems. >;-)



This is just tweaks to existing records in the game, its patches, and (if you use them) WAFR and SIC, plus some simple ground-meshing using vanilla resources.  This is simplistic enough I just release it as public domain, though I wouldn’t mind being credited if you re-purpose it.

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