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This mod adds an ‘Angel’ to the innsof all 9 Hold capitals. Each one will help you relax…for a price. Players that are Relaxed gain skills 15% faster for 24 hours. Upon entering 1 of the 9 inns for the first time, one of the Angels will force greet you. Every time after that you will need to initiate the

conversation. But don’t worry, they are easy to spot in custom white uniforms.

Name: Alexia

Race: Imperial

Location: Falkreath

Name: Belle

Race: Breton

Location: Winterhold

Name: Frelda

Race: Nord

Location: Windhelm

Name: Jasmin

Race: Nord

Location: Whiterun

Name: Jodis

Race: Nord

Location: Riften

Name: Morgayne

Race: Breton

Location: Markarth

Name: Olda

Race: Nord

Location: Dawnstar

Name: Severa

Race: Imperial

Location: Morthal

Name: Vita

Race: Imperial

Location: Solitude


Lovers Comfort bonus lasts for 24hours rather than 8.

IMPORTANT: Due to the way the game’sengine handles scripts, it is not advised to remove a scripted mod


Thanks to Revoith for the use oftextures.Thanks to AllyMcC for the cover imageand for voicing all 9 Angels. You can check out her Youtube channel


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