Anime Mod Race and Follower by turkey tail

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Basically this model was created by a Korean user and this mod can be found in the lovers’ lab.

if they ever encountered “SkyrimGTX” never ever support SkyrimGTX. He is a mod thief who literally just takes the creation of other people and sells them for money.SkyrimGTX is a terrible person. Anything he’s selling is available for free  elsewhere. All “his” companion mods are character presets made by other  people that he turned into followers. He can’t even be bothered to learn how to make faces on his own or make a proper follower, the easiest forof Skyrim modding.

He’s the worst of the worse in modding.

Anyway, here’s the actual mod by the ACTUAL creator: Anime Race

[/url]SkyrimGTX has NOTHING to do with any mod.

I found a Reddit user who published the mods that the user “SkyrimGTX” took without permission. If you want me to publish the mod for everyone, comment


-HDT physics

-Racemenu (can limited use in ECE or Vanilla)


The mod tends to make the game go away for no reason, and I work slower than normal (I think it’s because I have 1GB of ram hehe), I also warn you do not move your eyes like the mod of Fallout 4 : , c


All credits to the original author of the mod: turkey tail and

Original URL:

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